Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a couple tying the wedlock and if you are getting married soon then you must be getting the flood of happiness though you have to look after all the responsibilities also. The very first thing you must be considering is a wedding card to invite every near and dear. Probably you have some ideas in mind, or you may want to add some personal tweaks to give it a personal look.

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Despite all these messy feelings, you can look after some of the best Wedding Card examples and come up with a creative design. The below given are the top five things that you can try out and make your wedding card totally unique. The mentioned designs are getting into the trend; that’s why you should give it a try and shock everyone.

Floral Wedding Cards
Colorful Floral Wedding Card

1. Couple Photo :

The wedding cards usually have few details to mention. You can print the left pane with a couple photo and mention all the necessary details at another side. This will be a new look, and it is getting into trend from a couple of months. In term of cost, you have to pay a little bit extra for the photo, but it isn’t going to rip off your pockets.

Wedding Card Design with couple photo

2. Sweets box inside:

The sweets box wedding card examples are good enough to impress. Such wedding cards are actually sweets box with a lid, and when you lift the first lid, then there will be details about the wedding, and you can put some sweets under the second lid. This is unique and you don’t have to give sweets additionally. The bad thing is, you have to pay for the box as well as for sweets and these are heavy in weight also. 

wedding card with gift tag
Wedding Card With Favor & Gift Tag

3. Doodles Card:

Do you love doodles? They look cute and you can create a wedding card using panda doodles or any of the animal you like. The designer may charge a little bit extra money but you have to pay for design only, everything is done after that. Putting the doodle avatar of you and your partner is one of the impressive things to try out that’s why you should try it.

Heart Doodle Wedding Crad Designs
Heart Doodle Wedding Collection

Bottom line

There is the number of Wedding Card examples to look at but checking all the designs can set you in issues that’s why you should take suggestions and look after new designs only. Fonts can help to create impressive designs so it will help to create the best wedding card at a lower budget.

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