Without a doubt, modern means of communication are truly a blessing. It’s impossible to stay off social media these days, so whenever you want to chat someone up, you know where to find them. Still, among all the useless information and ads one may see on their feeds, there’s a lot more to useful discover. Believe it or not, designers, marketers, programmers and other nerds often turn to social media for inspiration. 

Social networks like Instagram can actually help you grow as a creative professional. Using such a powerful platform, learning about the new trends and selling your work is now a piece of cake. How is that? In this post, we’ll try to reveal how a nerd can use social media for networking, inspiration, and professional growth. 

In the plethora of social apps available today, Instagram is by far the most suitable for creatives for a number of reasons. According to the official statistic, Instagram is visited by a little over 1 billion users monthly. And, here are a few facts in support of the earlier statement:

  • 71% of Instagram users are under 35;
  • Instagram users spend 53 minutes per day on the platform;
  • 83% of users discover new products and services on Instagram;
  • 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded.

4 Hacks To Help You Boost Instagram Presence 

The first thing a creative professional needs to learn about Instagram is how hashtags work. Hashtags are words or phrases used to mark specific posts on social media help. Putting hashtags in a post caption or comments section will help it get more engagement. Tapping on the hashtag will lead you to a page containing images and videos marked with the same hashtag. 

How To Use Top Instagram Hashtags In 2019?

If you have questions about top Instagram hashtags in 2019, see the linked post. The article contains 5 insights on how to create an effective hashtag strategy for your Instagram profile. You’ll be able to amp up your SMM skills and learn how to find popular hashtags to boost user activity. 

How To Get More Organic Followers on Instagram In 2019?

Organic following is essential to growing on Instagram. For this, one needs to know how Instagram algorithms work. Business Instagram profile gives you access to the key metrics like users’ gender and age, location, time spent on your account, etc. Using this statistic, it’s possible to put together a content strategy to get a more organic following. 

Find out how to get more followers on Instagram in an organic way as well as plenty of other things: 

  • how to cope with Instagram algorithms in 2019;
  • how to get an organic Instagram following for free;
  • tips and tricks on Instagram promotion;   
  • access 30+ premium Instagram posts, stories and highlights templates.

Using Instagram Fonts In 2019

Making your Instagram profile unique is the key to getting more followers. For this, use the best Instagram fonts in 2019. Instagram allows choosing different typefaces, customizing font colors and styles. It’s even possible to animate the writings in your Instagram stories. Here’s what you’ll learn if you click the link:  

  • use custom fonts for Instagram bio;
  • customize fonts on Instagram stories;
  • make animated fonts for stories;
  • use font generators;
  • access to 10+ Instagram fonts tools.

How To Incorporate Instagram Feed Into WordPress Page? 

Promoting your personal brand is impossible without making your social profiles a part of a marketing strategy. Adding social widgets to your website will make your Instagram profile more visible to your potential audience. At the moment, WordPress stands among the most popular cms. No need to be a programmer to put create a simple WordPress webpage owing to Elementor page builder. 

Marketers and web developers might be interested in learning how to add Instagram feed to WordPress page with Elementor Page Builder. In the post, you’ll find a guide on how to install JetElements plugin and incorporate an Instagram feed into your WordPress webpage. You will also get access to high-quality Elementor consulting WordPress themes and Instagram templates.

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Design Inspiration

Let’s not forget that Instagram is the perfect source of inspiration for nerds and creative professionals. For instance, designers will appreciate the list of top Instagram accounts to boost your creativity in web design. In the post, you’ll find 100+ Instagram profiles to draw inspiration for UX and web design projects in 2019. 

Cool Gifts For Graphic Designers In 2019 

Not only social media can get you inspired. Communicating with fellow designers, programmers, and marketers provide plenty of ideas. Don’t know how to start a conversation? How about giving a gift? Luckily, you are offered a selection of material and digital gift options to pick from. For starters, check out the list of gift ideas for graphic designers. Here you will find 50+ items like books & tutorials, devices, decorations and more.  

In case, you want a unique digital gift, here’s one for you: 

Mermaid Scale Digital Paper – $15

A bundle of 12 digital paper pieces with Mermaid Scale texture is just the thing for adventurous designers! 

Cool Gifts For Photographers In 2019

Photographers are constantly in search of something that will make their photography stand out. Take a look at the list of best gifts for photographers with more than 100+ cool present ideas for photographers in 2019. Here you will find props, personalized photo frames, camera lenses, batteries, chargers, and other accessories.   

50 Mystical Ice Light Photo Overlays – $15

Creating a masterpiece with a set of cinematic photo overlays will be as easy as ABC. Check out this impressive library of HD photo overlays.

Cool Gifts For Marketers In 2019

Learning a thing or two about marketing can help you promote your Instagram profile. So, find a marketer and make friends with them using the list of gift ideas for marketers. With 30+  present ideas for all personality types, all you have to do is make a choice. We’re sure a marketer will like a definitive guide on how to use Instagram. 

How to Use Instagram: The Definitive Guide – eBook

This guide will be a great present for both marketing pros and amateurs. Not only will it help you get started on Instagram, but also reveal a few tips and tricks to use for effective promotion. 

Cool Gifts For Nerds In 2019

Is there a thing that any nerd will like as a gift? Actually, there’s more than one! People working in IT love cute and unique things, especially on particular occasions. Take a look at the selection of top Valentine’s day gifts for nerds. These are the universal gift ideas applicable for almost any occasion! 

Super Bundle 12 Best Selling Resume Template

12 best-selling resume templates will absolutely come in handy to every nerd! All it takes is to fill out the pre-made mockup with your data and start looking for your dream job! 

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